About Our Shop

Roses4nola is the leader in bringing roses directly from the farm to your home or business. Discover the ad-
vantages of working with Roses4nola by reviewing the following information.

Two Weeks of Vase Life

Your roses are delivered directly from our farms to your location in 5 days.

Invest in direct shipping not in middlemen and storage time in warehouses.

You will notice the longer vase life and the greater value of our roses.

Roses of the Andes

World’s Finest Roses from the Mountains of South America

The perfect ingredients that make our roses the best:

  • The Longer Growth Cycle
    At our farms, the roses grow for 15 weeks as opposed to just 8 weeks.
  • We are on the Equator
    Consistent 12 hours of light every day and cool nights.
  • A Perfect Elevation
    Our altitude prevents troublesome insects so plants grow stronger.
  • Fresh Water and Optimal Soil
    Pure Sierra water combined with naturally nutrient soil.



We individually hand pack and ship your roses directly to your door. Accordingly your roses will not sit in ware-houses in bulk storage or in florist shops prior to delivery. Your roses will never lose their beauty, freshness or appeal as they burst into bloom right before your eyes!

We Work With World Certified Farms

Our farms are certified to promote and foster the development and adoption of non-conventional methods for crop management mitigating environmental impact by encouraging the proper use of renewable and non-renewable resources. It also guarantees the establishment of a safe and healthy work environment, taking the appropriate measures to prevent accidents or illnesses caused in the workplace. This certification offers customers a product that guarantees production with these unique social and environmental requirements.

Roses4Nola is the Leader in Personalized Roses

These roses retain their natural elegance while coming in colors that can be personalized for any event. You can “theme” your roses with custom colors and symbols that highlight your specific occasion.

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